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HHS Panther Soccer Uniform Care Tips

Uniforms are the property of the HHS Soccer Booster Club and are expected to last at least four seasons. In order to get the most service from the uniforms, we ask that you follow these care instructions carefully. To enhance the appearance and extend the life of the uniforms, consider these helpful hints:


  • Immediately presoak heavily soiled/stained items in cold water with a protein release

    agent, such as Tide Stain Release, Oxiclean, Shout, Spray and Wash, etc. Wash presoaked, soiled items separately.


  • Do not leave sweaty or damp uniforms in a game or practice bag.

  • Launder uniforms immediately after each wearing.

  • Wash uniforms in cold water only with a mild laundry detergent.

  • Do not use fabric softeners, which could cause screen prints to breakdown and


  • Do not use chlorine bleach, which could cause excessive color fading and/or bleeding.

  • Do not wash white uniforms with colored clothing.

  • Do not dry clean.


  • For best results, hang uniforms to drip dry on rust proof hanger. When tumble drying is necessary, use the lowest heat level possible or “air dry only” setting with uniform inside out. Remove promptly from the dryer.


  • Keep plastic shopping bags on hand to store muddy cleats and wet uniforms before cleaning.


  • Remove personal items and trash from game bag. If necessary, use vacuum to remove dried grass and/or use damp cloth to wipe away dirt.

  • Wash each uniform piece one final time before turn in.

  • Dry garments completely before storing to prevent mildew.

  • Store separate uniform pieces in gallon-sized, zippered storage bags with a dryer

    sheet for freshness. Indicate uniform number in sharpie on the bag.

  • Follow team manager’s instructions for timely turn-in after season.

    THANK YOU FOR CARING FOR YOUR SOCCER UNIFORMS. Contact your team manager with any questions or concerns.

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