Volunteer Sign Up Opportunities

 We are an all volunteer organization and we look forward to working with you towards an excellent season. The fair share for each parent is (4) shifts per player, which does not include JV Super Cup. Please look for volunteer opportunities for the JV SC Tourney. We are grateful to all support especially for those who offer above and beyond.

Volunteer Descriptions


We need one game announcer for each home game. The sound system is stored in the storage room near the ticket sales table. There is a script with times to tell you when to announce certain things like sponsors and supporters of the booster club. There are directions on how to use the sound system.

Ball Handlers

AHSAA regulations state that games cannot be played without ball handlers.

Two ball handlers are needed at each game. Ball handlers can wear regular clothing and tennis shoes. Ball handlers will need to check at the hut in between fields for the pinnies they will wear. Obtain a ball from the HHS coach. They will aid the ref / teams to supply game balls and speed play by retrieving out of bound balls for each team.

Games will be supported in the following manner:
Varsity will be supported by junior varsity teams.
Junior Varsity will be supported by Freshman teams.
Freshman teams will be supported by any player willing to sign up. This can include younger siblings of players. Only the JV Grey games count towards a family’s volunteer commitment.

Clean Up Crew

Garbage bags, plastic gloves and tongs to pick up trash are available in the storage closet by the ticket table. Take out all trash and empty in the dumpster. This includes trash cans near the player benches / between and to the side of the field, next to the player locker rooms and concessions. Replace trash bags. Check all stands to be clear of trash and pick up any left clothing items. Check the player benches and pick up any trash. Check the area surrounding the hut in between fields for any debris.


Arrive 30 mins before game.

Teacher reps bring ice and fill coolers with ice and drinks. Price list for items in concession stand along with money drawer and instructions for getting more ice, hot water for hot chocolate will all be provided. There will be someone at each game to open the concessions. All candies and drinks are either stored inside the trailer or in the storage room in the fridge. There will be a menu board in the trailer with prices. Also, there will be instructions on whatever the dinner item will be for the night (i.e. Chick-Fil-A or pizza). Volunteers will be responsible for closing the trailer at the end of the late game. This procedure is very easy and most of the time the concession chair will be there if the late game is a boys varsity game. Ball handlers get paid from concessions. Volunteers need to log that they paid them on a sheet of paper and place in the cash box.


Uses the digital scoreboard to keep track of score and time (also assists the announcer if needed).

Ticket Sales

Arrive 30 mins before game.

Ticket sales are mandated and policy set by HCS not the booster club so all must have a ticket to enter. This year everyone including children and students are required to have tickets/season passes in order to enter. The only exceptions are those signed up to volunteer that day, coaches and HCS employees. For HCS employees and coaches, please note on sheet provided.

Help set up table and bring your own chair (tent if needed). A school representative will be there to assist with set up.

This year all ticketing is contactless. You will either redeem a digital ticket, direct individuals on how to purchase digital tickets or verify that an individual has a season pass. Directions for validating digital tickets can be found at https://www.huddletickets.com/gofan-mobile-training

Ticket sales for the game can close at half time provided there are no games after the one you are at, otherwise wait for your replacement.

Videographer (Home and Away)

Each home and away game. The camera and tripod are stored in the storage room near the ticket sales table. You simply videotape the game. This position is very important as our coaches use the game videos to coach our players and players can use clips of their goals or important plays and upload them to their Hudl accounts.